Sell Your Home

Selling a home can be just as nerve-wracking as buying one. All you want is to close and be on your way, right? But there’s all this stuff you have to do.

When you list a home with me, here’s what happens:

  • I’ll go through your home with a fine-toothed comb and ferret out anything that might become an issue for you. I also might suggest a few minor improvements that’ll help you sell.
  • We go through all the paperwork, to the very last dotted i’s. (That part’s boring, but important.)
  • I am as motivated to sell your home as you are, because I don’t get paid until you do.
  • As your property will be listed on the multiple listing service, it will be populated in other sites. I monitor your online presence closely till we close. Making sure that the information that is out there is accurate.
  • You’ll get regular reports letting you know what’s working and what might need to change, as well as a weekly report clueing you in on what the market’s doing in real time.

One more thing: I always answer my phone. (And my emails.)

Let’s discuss what your options are…

Are You Ready To Sell Your Home and Want To Take The Next Step?