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When you’re buying or selling a home, there’s only one thing that really matters:


There’s so much misleading information in the world of real estate, and a prevailing misconception that realtors are sheisty. (We’re not.)

Mostly it’s just because realtors do this all the time, and forget that YOU don’t do it, ever.

Which is why I insist on looking under floorboards. Because why would you ever think to do that? There’s spiders down there.

I make sure you know what’s up, through every step of the buying — or selling — process. Even if it means breaking the news that your dream house!!! might be a money pit.

It’s an emotional process, and sooooo stressful. My job is to explain all the confusing bits. To go see a property before you do, so I can rule it out if it’s not right.

And to talk you down when you start freaking out.

Even though realtors are allowed to represent both buyer and seller on the same property (betcha didn’t know that), I never do.

When you bring me in?

You get me ALL to yourself.

Integrity and all.

I’ll never let you close a deal without making sure your eyes are WIDE open.

Because a house isn’t just a bunch of dollar signs and contracts.

It’s where your family will scramble on hectic weekday mornings. Where your dog will hunt for squirrels, where you’ll open the door after a long, not-so-great day at work, take a deep breath, and think…

I’m home.