The 4 Best Garage Storage Systems, Tested by Editors

Looking to organize a typically forgotten spot in your home? These are the best garage storage systems for organization, tested by editors.

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Although it’s easy to focus on organizing your kitchen, living room and other areas you use more regularly, don’t neglect your garage space. Implementing a top-notch garage storage system will not only free up space for parked cars this winter, but it may even give you more room in your home as you can store everything from power tools to household supplies and more in a garage cabinet system.

But garage storage systems can be pricey, and with so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which system you want to spend your money on. Our editors tested the best garage storage systems in their own garages to tell you how they really hold up and whether they’re worth the investment.

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Fhma24 Gladiator Flex Cabinet SystemMary Henn/Family Handyman


Gladiator Flex Cabinet System

Family Handyman’s shopping editor, Mary Henn, tested the Gladiator Flex cabinet system Gladiator Flex cabinet system to see how it stacks up against the rest. “Actually, I gifted the Gladiator Flex cabinet system to my mother who, being quite the handywoman herself, was in desperate need of a storage system to hold tools, paint and supplies that aren’t in use,” Henn says.

The Gladiator Flex cabinet system is an adjustable storage solution made of welded steel. The Flex cabinet system IV holds an impressive 2,350 pounds of weight and includes seven fully adjustable shelves that fit within the cabinets. “There’s also a locking system on all of the cabinets, which is great for keeping items safe and out of reach in homes with young children,” Henn says. That’s right, this pick is useful for stowing away nail guns, hand saws and other potentially dangerous tools. You’ll just want to remember where you keep the key.

“My mother loves the sleek, modern design of the metal cabinets with their powder-coat finish and recessed handles,” Henn says. “She also loves that the doors on the cabinets stay quiet while opening and closing.” Thanks to the soft-close doors, you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up while tinkering around in your garage or workshop late at night.

“All in all, the cabinets took us about three and a half hours to assemble and mount,” Henn explains. “We scheduled a specific date and time for the Gladiator Flex cabinet system to be delivered, and the unit was delivered by a professional on time. While we did assemble the system ourselves—and without much difficulty, I might add—the system did not come with mounting hardware. So, we had to acquire that after we had the cabinets assembled and ready to mount.”

In addition to the convenient locking feature, we love that the Gladiator brand offers a wide range of products when it comes to garage storage. You can shop compatible gear tracks, as well as other matching accessories and storage units with wheels, drawers and built-in workspaces from the brand for a customizable feel.


  • Locking cabinets
  • Tough, welded-steel construction
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Soft-close doors
  • Entire system holds up to 2,350 pounds
  • Integrated cable management holes to prevent wires from getting damaged
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Wall mount hardware not included
  • No wheels or workspace
  • Assembly required

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Fhma24 Husky Garage Storage System Caitlyn FitzpatrickCaitlyn Fitzpatrick/Family Handyman


Husky Garage Storage System 

At the top of our list, ranked as the best overall garage storage system, is the Husky Garage storage system. It’s an extra-wide, four-piece steel set available in black and red. Our senior shopping editor, Caitlyn Fitzpatrick, had the system installed in her own garage to see what it’s like in person.

“I never realized how much stuff had accumulated in my double-car garage until my husband and I want to park our cars in there in preparation for a snowstorm,” Fitzpatrick says. “To make room, I happily tested the Husky welded steel storage system, which features one locker, two wall cabinets and one one-drawer two-door base cabinet. With all the different types of storage in one unit, it’s tough to find something that doesn’t properly find a home in this system.”

From outdoor furniture cushions to cleaning supplies to garden tools, Fitzpatrick says she uses the Husky storage system to store a range of things and clear up floor space in her garage. Each shelf holds up to 350 pounds, each drawer holds up to 120 pounds and the top cabinet holds 200 pounds.

While you can order this garage system and install it yourself, The Home Depot offers a garage storage installation service where professionals come to your home (twice, for accuracy) to measure your space, ensure any questions you have are answered and install it for you. “Keep in mind that this process takes a bit more time, but the results feel more custom,” Fitzpatrick says. “Plus, that’s why my husband and I felt confident in our decision on where to place the Husky—and yes, we’re both still able to park our cars in the garage.”


  • Various storage options in one unit
  • Shelves and drawers hold hundreds of pounds
  • Cabinets made of 20-gauge steel
  • Reasonably priced for the value
  • Three-way locking door
  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Super-sleek design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Installation services available via The Home Depot


  • Multiple keys (not universal key) for door locks

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Fhma24 Yizosh Garage Storage Cabinet Sheri Kaz 01 SseditSheri Kaz/Family Handyman


Yizosh Garage Storage Cabinet 

If you don’t have a grand or more to shell out on a custom garage storage system, don’t sweat it. Family Handyman’s in-house product tester, Sheri Kaz, loves this budget Amazon option. In fact, she says it’s better than a lot of storage cabinets for double the price. “At such a reasonable price point, I didn’t have high expectations, but after the cabinet was assembled, I was amazed at how sturdy and solid it is,” Kaz says. “I’ve owned other metal cabinets that warped when filled and had problems with the doors lining up after just a short period of use. The Yizosh cabinet is as stable as the day it was assembled.”

The Yizosh garage storage cabinet arrives from Amazon in a hefty package. Kaz used a dolly to move it into her garage until she had time to assemble it. “Assembly was simple because the directions and parts are clearly labeled. I was glad I had a helper to assemble it, and it took about an hour to put the whole thing together,” Kaz says. “The cabinet arrived in pristine condition because they added additional metal pieces to protect it from shipping mishaps. Once it was unpacked, I was relieved that the dented pieces weren’t part of the cabinet but included to take the brunt of the bangs during transport.”

The shelves on this budget cabinet hold an impressive 150 pounds and the height can be adjusted using strong metal supports. Kaz ended up only using three of the shelves to store taller items, like garden and lawn tools. The cabinet is sealed to keep items dust free and protected from pests and insects, too. “The doors stay open when needed and have a magnetic close,” Kaz adds. “Another convenient feature is the ability to level the cabinet from the inside. Just slip a screwdriver in the hole and adjust the leveling feet as needed.”

“The Yizosh garage storage cabinet turned out to be a wonderful space saver for my disorganized one-car garage,” Kaz says. “As an avid gardener, I have a host of small items that needed a home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this cabinet for home, office or garage use—it’s very sleek and well-made.”


  • Affordable and attractive
  • Cabinet doors lock
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Easy to level
  • Magnetic door closes
  • Doors stay open when needed
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Shelves have 150-pound limit


  • Arrives in heavy box
  • Assembly required

4 / 4

Fhma24 Newage Garage Storage System Caroline Lubinsky 01 SseditCaroline Lubinsky/Family Handyman


NewAge Garage Storage System 

Caroline Lubinsky, senior editor at Family Handyman, loves to stay organized, but until recently she didn’t have a practical or efficient way of organizing her garage. Dumbbells, golf clubs, power tools, you name it—her garage was cluttered and chaotic, and she needed a solution. That’s when she discovered these NewAge garage cabinets, customizable storage cabinets for your garage, basement or shed.

Lubinsky recommends taking detailed measurements of your garage space first, then use those measurements (of where you want to place the cabinets) to choose the best configuration for your needs. “For reference, we chose the six-piece set, which measures 108 inches by 77-1/4 inches,” Lubinsky says. “You can pick and choose the extras/add-ons you’re willing to pay for. Some of the configurations have worktops made of bamboo while others have a more expensive stainless-steel finish. Some of the cabinets have built-in LED lighting, ideal for late-night projects. And if you have tons of tools to store, consider adding on the slatwall, rollable tool drawer or the pull-out cabinets to your set.”

It took Lubinsky about four hours to unbox and put her custom, six-piece NewAge garage cabinets together with the help of her boyfriend. (You can read more about her experience with delivery and assembly in her NewAge garage cabinet review.) Putting the storage system together does require a bit of time and more than one person. However, assembly is relatively easy, Lubinsky says and adds, “NewAge provides a QR code to scan to view the directions (or watch assembly videos if you’re a visual learner). Most of the process is self-explanatory.”

“You may feel hesitant to spend a few thousand bucks on garage cabinets, but there’s one big reason why I think it’s worth it: NewAge provides a limited lifetime warranty,” Lubinsky says. “Additionally, all their cabinets are made with 18- or 24-gauge steel, which are heavy-duty materials that resist corrosion. Translation? You’ll have these cabinets for years to come without the threat of rust.”


  • Customizable shelves, hangers and cabinet pulls
  • More pieces can be purchased to expand the cabinets
  • Constructed of 18- or 24-gauge steel
  • Financing is available
  • Cabinets lock
  • Lockers can hold up to 800 pounds
  • Tool cabinet has wheels for easy mobility
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Well-packaged—arrived without any dents or scratches


  • Expensive due to quality construction
  • Installation requires two able-bodied people
  • Time-consuming to put together

What to Look for When Buying a Garage Storage System

When it comes to shopping for a garage storage system, there are several things to keep in mind as you browse: your budget, space and time. How much are you willing to spend? How much garage space do you have to dedicate to storage? (We recommend taking exact measurements.) Do you have the time and ability to self-assemble a unit or would it be best to opt for a storage system and retailer that offers installation services?

Beyond that, we recommend looking at what materials make up the storage system. Galvanized steel, for instance, will be much sturdier and more durable than plastic. We also recommend looking for cabinet systems with adjustable shelves so that you can make the most of cabinet space. Check the weight capacity of each cabinet to make sure the storage system you purchase will fit your needs.

There are finer details to consider as you make your final decision when shopping for a garage storage unit. Customization, locking capabilities, wheels and extra features can help you narrow your options, as well.

Why You Should Trust Us

The editors and experts at Family Handyman are constantly on the lookout for products that make your home and workshop more organized so that you can tackle DIY projects with ease and peace of mind. While we’ve researched organizational systems for closets, basements, bedrooms and garages before, we decided it was finally time to test garage storage systems for ourselves. That way, we can deliver the most accurate and honest product information to you, the consumer.

Our shopping editors and product testers tested each of the garage storage systems on this list for months on end to compile this detailed article.

How We Found the Best Garage Storage Systems

We researched and considered more than 15 garage storage units while putting together this list. After sifting through user reviews and ratings, we narrowed that list to our top four storage units and acquired them for rigorous testing. Testing involved scheduling delivery, assembling units or scheduling professional assembly and using each storage system for several months. We weighed important factors like price point, delivery, assembly, durability and usage to determine whether each garage storage unit is worth your time and money.


Are garage storage systems worth it?

We think so, especially if you’re a homeowner who has garden or power tools to store. A proper garage storage system helps you keep important tools and other household items stored away safely and clear your garage floor so that you have space to park your car(s). While they do often come with a hefty price tag, there are affordable garage cabinet options on the market for every type of budget.

How much does it cost to build garage storage?

Prefabricated garage storage systems are typically cheaper than custom builds. However, you can achieve a custom feel with prefab systems that allow you to mix and match parts. Additionally, the larger the storage system, the higher the cost. Small units can cost a few hundred dollars while larger units can cost thousands.

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