20 Most Popular Kitchen Flooring Ideas for Every Design Style

You can’t go wrong with durable hardwood, natural stone or trendy geometric tiles.

Aside from making a major design statement, kitchen flooring needs to be durable enough to hold up to everyday use. Kitchens are notoriously messy, which means the best flooring materials are able to withstand stains and spills. You’ll want floors that are easy to clean and comfortable to walk on, plus strong enough to endure heavy foot traffic. Here, we’ve rounded up kitchen flooring ideas that are not only practical, but beautiful — no matter your design style.

Flooring is an investment, so consider a style you love — and anticipate loving for years to come. But, that doesn’t mean your selection should lack personality. Experiment with geometric tiles, checkerboard patterns, colorful terrazzo or even hand-painted hardwood flooring. Or, embrace the natural beauty of light oak hardwood or dark stone. “Kitchen flooring can be neutral or it can be your focal point,” advises Caren Rideau, founder of The Kitchen Design Group. “If you have a busy floor, you’ll want to keep a softer upper aesthetic or vice-versa.”

According to Good Housekeeping experts, some of the best flooring options include hardwood, vinyl, laminate, stone (think marble or slate) and tile. Browse these gorgeous kitchen designs, each with creative flooring, to gather inspiration for your space. We’ve even included a few of this years trend predictions, namely herringbone floors (a great solution for small kitchens).


patterned tile kitchen floor


Colorful Tiles

Turn your flooring into a focal point with unique tiles, like this red flower pattern. Bold flooring makes a design statement, especially when paired with white walls, a neutral cabinet color and simple backsplash.

kitchen ideas blue cabinetsSARA LIGORRIA-TRAMP

Classic Hardwood

Solid wood floors — like walnut, oak and maple — infuse warmth and natural beauty into an interior. Plus, hardwood flooring is a great choice for the entire house, so you won’t have to worry about awkward transitions.

a kitchen with white cabinets and checkerboard floorsMEGHAN BEIERLE-O’BRIEN

Checkerboard Pattern

Take note from designer Caren  Rideau and embrace this elegant choice — one that’s been popular for decades. Checkerboard flooring comes in many styles, but the black-and-white look is the most classic combination. Use marble, vinyl or ceramic tiles to recreate the look — the options are endless!

kitchen trends 2023 wood paneling ceilingJOHN GRANEN

Dark Stone

Use black slate tiles to inject drama and moodiness into a sunny kitchen, just as Anna Popov of Interiors by Popov does here. Since no two stones are the same, the material introduces texture and personality into a space. Added bonus: Stone is strong and durable.

ktichen with retro appliance mintAMBER ULMER/A BEAUTIFUL MESS

White Marble

Polished white marble floors exude class and luxury. When paired with all-white cabinetry and a white tile backsplash, these veined marble tiles look crisp and clean.

kitchen trends 2023 painted floorsBRET GUM

Hand-Painted Floors

If you’re up for a DIY project, paint a design onto your hardwood floors. Experiment with colors, patterns and shapes, or stick to a classic checkerboard design. “Hand-painted floors have a fresh, bespoke farmhouse feeling for today’s interiors,” says Julia Chasman, interior designer.

kitchen with black and white marble and herringbone floorCOURTESY OF ASHLEY STARK

Herringbone Wood

Not only can a herringbone pattern add warmth and coziness to a space, but it can make a room look larger by guiding the eye in a specific direction. “Herringbone is one of my favorite designs, which dates back to the ancient Roman Empire,” says Ashley Stark, Ashley Stark Home. “The design has had a recent resurgence with designers and architects using it in everything from tile to textiles.”

decor ideas kitchenCALLIE HOBBS

Patterned Tiles

Try black-and-white cement tiles to add charm and character into your kitchen setup, which is exactly what design team Studio McGee does with this geometric look. It pairs particularly well with the forest green cabinets and crisp white backsplash.

a dining room with a large black counter and white chairs and terrazzo floorsMANOLO LANGIS

Trendy Terrazzo

Here, designer Michelle Boudreau lets terrazzo tiles tell a story. A popular alternative to plain concrete flooring, the decorative speckled material has a colorful, textured and playful appeal to it. It’s created using chips of marble, granite and quartz combined with cement.

a kitchen with green cabinets and stone floorsMEGHAN BOB PHOTOGRAPHY

Natural Stones

A blend of four different limestones, these tumbled stones from Exquisite Surfaces evoke natural beauty. The texture and color variation replicate the appeal of a European cobblestone street. To complete the space, designer Caren Rideau pairs the striking flooring with modern green cabinets and gold hardware.

white kitchen with concrete floorsNELLEG//GETTY IMAGES

Sleek Concrete

Concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for kitchens. The sleek style is best for industrial, rustic and farmhouse kitchens, but can also complement a minimalist design.

kitchen with oak floors and marblePHOTO BY STEVEN DEWALL

Light Oak Hardwood

In addition to being durable, white oak looks light, bright and airy. The versatile wood grain suits most interiors, from modern and minimal to farmhouse or boho. Here, light hardwood floors provide warmth in an otherwise cool kitchen, designed by Sarah Barnard.

kitchen makeover jacey duprie, damselindiorcom green cabinetsMONICA WANG

Mosaic Tiles

Get creative with intricate tile designs, whether you keep it neutral (think black and white) or embrace color. Here, blogger Kacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior chooses a hexagon pattern that makes this space feel more personal.

kitchen with light wood floorsBRE BERTOLINI

Wood-Look Tiles

If you love the appearance of hardwood floors, wood effect tiles — typically made from porcelain or ceramic — have a nearly identical look. Realistic wood grains and colors are designed to create the illusion of real wood. Can you tell the difference in this cozy kitchen by Bre Bertolini?

tile kitchen floorsKAT ALVES PHOTOGRAPHY

Mix and Match

Rather than commit to one flooring material, Kristen Elizabeth Design tries a weave-style pattern by mixing large square tiles with hardwood boards. This is just one example of a mixed media floor, which refers to any look made from different materials.

a green cabinet with a table and plants on itMEGHAN BEIERLE-O’BRIEN

Terra-Cotta Tiles

Terra-cotta floors have been around for thousands of years, because they’re strong and beautiful. “I like to specify durability — like these French terra-cotta floors,” says Caren Rideau, who mixes the rustic style with light green cabinets and warm wood accents.

kitchen paint colors, baby blueTIM LENZ

Dark-Stained Hardwood

Create contrast with dark hardwood floors, which work best in spacious kitchens (as the deep hue can make a space feel smaller). Here, Mendelson Group pairs pale blue cabinetry and light walls with dark wood floors.

white kitchen with hidden hoodLAUREN TAYLOR

Geometric Design

Add a pop of color in your kitchen using ceramic tiles, like this sage green and white geometric pattern chosen by Linda Hayslett of L.H. Designs. Play around with your favorite shapes, whether it’s squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, diamonds or a combination.

bhdm designTIM WILLIAMS

Original End Grain

End grain floors are made from timber that’s been cut into square, hexagonal or brick-shaped tiles. While the style isn’t as popular as it once was, the wood tiles give any space an antique feel. Take note from BHDM design and make the most of an original end grain floor, if you’re lucky enough to have them.


Gray Marble

Maintain a cool color palette by matching blue cabinetry with polished gray marble tiles. The veining and natural imperfections bring character into an otherwise minimal space.

Alyssa Gautieri