How to Buy a Home

With careful research and determination, the keys to that dream house can be yours.

  • Start by organizing your finances and asking the right questions: Is homeownership right for you? What are the best markets for first-time buyers? And can you afford to buy a house?
  • From buying real estate with friends and family to owning a house before finding a spouse, people are exploring explore paths to homeownership that also make financial sense.
  • For most, the down payment is the primary hurdle keeping them from buying a home, but you may have options.
  • Are you confused by all the new mortgage gimmicks being offered by lenders? Don’t worry, our guide can help.
  • Buying a vacant lot offers the chance to build a home on your own terms. Here is what to know if you choose that option.
  • To those looking to buy property as an investment, a tenant-occupied apartment can be appealing. Weigh the pros and cons carefully.
  • Bad credit? No savings? There are still ways for you to buy a home.
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