14 Guest Room Ideas That’ll Make Their Stay More Comfortable

Make your guests feel at home by providing them with these essentials.

A guest bedroom is a welcome addition to any home. Rather than setting up an air mattress or the couch, a guest room gives your overnight company a private area to settle in for the evening. But more goes into making the space a calming respite than just a bed and some sheets. To make guests truly comfortable, there are some thoughtful elements you can add to complete the room. To ensure you’re being the best host you can be, these guest room ideas will help make your friends and family feel right at home.

Opt for Comfortable Bedding

Bedroom with two bed and a plant in the center.

First and foremost, you want your guests to have a good night’s sleep when they’re away from home. Do so by providing them with comfortable bedding, like Rebekah Zaveloff of Imparfait Design Studio did in this space. “We wanted the guests to feel like they were getting into bed at a luxury hotel—so lots of fluffy pillows, a super-soft cotton blanket, followed by a heavier cotton quilt and duvet for colder nights,” she says.

Provide Reading Material


Make the space feel like home by providing some reading material for your guests. If your visitors have downtime, it’s a nice gesture to offer them a few ways to entertain themselves while they relax.

Leave a Note With Home Details


Write up a list of helpful details about your home and leave it in your guest bedroom for overnight visitors. Include notes about where to find extra supplies and toiletries, Wi-Fi passwords, and instructions for your television and other household systems.

Set Up a Water Station


Keep guests from needing to venture into the kitchen in the middle of the night for a glass of water by setting up a carafe and glasses on the bedside table.

Provide a Bedside Lamp


Provide a lamp or reading light next to the bed so guests can easily go to the restroom in the middle of the night, says Liz Curtis of Table and Teaspoon. This also gives them access to ambient lighting if they don’t want the harsh overhead lights on.

Add Decorative Elements


Your guest room should reflect the aesthetic of the rest of your home, which you can do by filling it with some decorative touches. “If you’re a minimalist, extend that design into the guest room,” says Curtis. “If you’re a ‘more is more’ enthusiast, feel free to let your guest room reflect that style.”

Consider the Weather


Keep items in your guest bedroom that will help visitors adjust the temperature to their liking. A bedside fan during summer and extra bedding during colder temperatures will keep guests comfortable throughout the night.

Provide Bathroom Essentials


If there isn’t an adjacent private bathroom, leave a set of towels in the guest room, as well as an assortment of favorite soaps, shampoos, hand creams, and lotions. This will keep your guests from having to look through your bathroom and linen closet to find what they need.

Leave Space for Clothes

Clothes hanging on a hangers near a mirror at home.

If the room has closet space, ensure that it is equipped with hangers and a full-length mirror. “One decor must-have is a full-length mirror. If your guests are accustomed to assessing their full look before heading out, they will appreciate the option to do so in your home,” says Curtis. If there is no closet, install hooks on the back of a door or set up a clothing rack.

Hang Window Coverings

Bedroom with four poster bed

Window coverings add more personality to your guest room while also providing your company with privacy. “Guest bedroom window coverings should strike a balance between privacy and natural light,” says Kerrie Kelly, creative director of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. “Sheer curtains paired with black out blinds or shades that filter light allow guests to control the level of sunlight and privacy.”

Calming Paint Colors

Bedroom painted blue

When designing a guest bedroom, it’s important to create a welcoming sanctuary for your visitors, says Kelly. “Start with a soothing paint palette of soft blues, greens, or warm neutrals to create a serene atmosphere,” she says.

Add a Desk

Desk with plant and magazine on it

Go beyond just a bed when furnishing your guest room, so visitors have multiple areas to lounge or work. “Consider making your guest bedroom space multifunctional by adding a comfortable seating area, daybed, or desk, allowing your guests to use the room for work or relaxation,” says Kelly.

Add Ambience

Luxury aroma burning candle in bedroom on bedside table.

Place candles throughout your guest room to up its cozy factor. “Leave your signature home scent burning in the guest bathroom and by the bed,” says Curtis. “The flickering flame and gently perfumed air will put your guests at ease after their travels.”

Provide a Luggage Rack

Bedroom with luggage rack

Provide a luggage rack so guests can keep their suitcases and other bags in a convenient location. “Go the classic route by ordering a luggage rack that easily folds away for your guests,” says Curtis. “If you have the space and would prefer something more permanent, a storage bench at the end of the bed is the perfect place for your guests to both unpack and keep their suitcases.”

Madeline Buiano