6 Kitchen Backsplash Trends Designers Are Loving This Year

The latest backsplash trends prove that this kitchen design staple is anything but boring.

Few elements of your home pull double duty quite as effectively as a kitchen backsplash. Not only does a backsplash protect your walls, but it also serves as a focal point of kitchen décor. A backsplash has the power to completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen, and there are a few emerging backsplash styles that are giving classic white subway tiles a run for their money. We asked interior designers to weigh in on the latest backsplash trends that are bound to inspire your next kitchen renovation.

Unexpected Color

Neutral tones have long been the standard when it comes to backsplashes, but not anymore. Opting for a surprising burst of color can be as charming as it is fun. “This pretty pink tile POPS against the dark green cabinets,” says interior designer Michelle Gage. “The color is unexpected. You may typically see something in the white or tan family here, but this pink is a showstopper!” If you’re not ready to commit fully to a bright color, use peel-and-stick tile to get a better feel for what color you want before you invest in the real deal.

Bold Contrast

Grout That Isn’t White

Grout plays as big of a role in the look of a backsplash as tile, and sometimes reinventing your backsplash is as simple as getting creative with grout. “Most kitchen backsplashes feature white grout around the tile,” says Gage. “Here, we’ve flipped the script and used white tile with black grout. The contrast is striking and unlike what you see in the common kitchen.” While white and black are the most common grout colors, you can also find plenty of unique choices like blue, tan, gray, and green.

Sustainable Choices

In 2024, sustainability is top of mind for many people renovating their homes, and backsplashes are no exception. “More and more clients are curious and concerned about the materials going in their home and the supply chain of how they got there,” says Natalie Biles, co-owner of Shine Interior Design Studio. “Recycled glass and terrazzo tiles are working their way into mainstream trends and not only do they provide a stunning finish, they are considerate of sustainable practices. It’s worth considering what goes into your tile installation—what makes up the substrates, adhesives, grout, and sealers and how are they contributing to the indoor air quality and overall health of the home.”

Patterned Tiles

Though they were once considered out of style, patterned backsplash tiles are making a comeback. “We’ve seen patterns regain steam in the past few years,” says Breezel. “Beautiful patterned tiles become interesting talking points and allow flexibility in what surrounding color schemes you choose. Repeating the pattern in additional elements in a space can provide strong visual cues and bring life and vibrancy into a space.” The colors in the pattern can serve as inspiration for other décor or accents. Keep in mind that a pattern doesn’t necessarily have to mean statement-making geometric patterns—the pattern can be soft and subtle, adding just a little bit of movement to a space.

Zellige Tilework

One of the most increasingly popular backsplash trends is zellige tile. After all, who wouldn’t want a backsplash that is undeniably one of a kind? “There’s something about the hand-pressed, slightly imperfect edges that soften a space and provide interest and texture, even when opting for a neutral color palette,” says Biles of the handcrafted Moroccan tiles. “The natural variation in the color and size of each tile gives a casual and welcoming feel to a kitchen. Combinations of gloss and matte glaze can have a gentle shimmering effect in the light that leaves a space-changing look throughout the day and season.”

Nina Derwin