7 Low-Lift Ways to Reinvent Your Home Décor

Give your space a full glow-up without breaking the bank.

If spring cleaning has you itching to reimagine your home but your budget doesn’t allow for a full renovation, we’ve got the fix. A whole host of them, actually — because rethinking your setup doesn’t require a stacked bank account and a trip to the home-furnishings store. There are plenty of remarkably simple (and affordable) tweaks that will elevate your existing decor — many of which you can accomplish without purchasing a thing. Read on for your easy DIY to-do list.

Refresh your sleep space.

A revamped headboard will let you score the bed of your dreams. Even better: Our tips mean you don’t have to set foot in a store. The craftier among us can build their own with a bit of reclaimed wood and some power tools. Or you can reupholster an existing headboard for the trendy tufted look.

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Step up your flooring.

One classic way to pull together a room is by adding an area rug or two. But you can also make your existing ones look newer by treating them with Furniture Clinic’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, a Good Housekeeping Seal recipient. Crafted using non-hazardous plant extracts, the spray loosens dirt and stain molecules in about 15 minutes, leaving even a years-old purchase looking cleaner and brighter.

Change your colors.

Though it’s troubled many prospective home buyers, repainting really is an easy fix. It’s easier to imagine (and to accomplish) when you home in on just one accent wall rather than an entire room. Trust us: One gallon of paint (ideally in a bold, vibrant tone) will go a long way. “In our latest interior – paint tests, some budget brands performed as well as paints costing two or three times as much,” says Dan DiClerico, the Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab director at the Good Housekeeping Institute.


Add a new twist to cabinets and drawers.

Give them a face-lift by swapping out the old hardware for fun new knobs and drawer pulls. Then finish the job with a coat of Furniture Clinics Wood Stain, which comes in 12 long-lasting, protective shades.

Stick on an updated vibe.

For an advanced take on the accent wall, think wallpaper. Look beyond the floral variety you remember from Grandma’s place at the myriad appealing options in exciting patterns and colors. For the commitment-averse, there’s also an abundance of attractive peel-and-stick wallpapers to choose from.

Decorate artfully.

Gallery walls are nice, but they’re not the only option for livening up your walls. Consider framing your favorite photographs, moving existing pieces around for variety (pro tip: try propping a few against a shelf or mantel), or even busting out the watercolors to create a masterpiece of your own for the space.

Slip into a fresh look.

A new sectional might not fit the budget — but a revitalized slipcover can accomplish nearly as much. Furniture Clinic FabriCoat can be used to restore the color of old upholstery, or you can also choose to change its color entirely (without affecting the texture of the fabric). If you have some veteran leather pieces, restore them to their former selves with the brand’s Leather Re-Coloring Balm, another product that has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.